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Apple has announced the latest upgrade to the iPhone line — a new 16-gigabyte model. The new model will retail at $499 and join the 8-gigabyte model ($399).

In total, this is the third iteration of the device (counting the discontinued 4-gigabyte model) in only eight months. This period also included the recent firmware upgrade that includes lots of new features and enhanced Google features.

Like the company’s infamous rapid fire iPod product rollouts, expect lots of developments for the device over the next 18 months. This will be accelerated even more by the competition that will surround the next generation of mobile devices — led by the standards set by the iPhone and (yet to be fully seen) Android-based devices. It will be an exciting ride.


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  1. After all this time, maybe there’s a silver lining to Canadians having to wait so long for the arrival of the iPhone. We will have never experienced the 4GB version and at this rate, we may skip the 16GB as well!

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