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adready-pic.jpg When it comes to small businesses on the Web, is it really only about video? AdReady, a new Seattle-based company started by alum and backed by Madrona and Bain Capital, thinks banners are really where the impact is.

Local marketers who test online video ads have seen “they can’t hold a candle to a well-optimized banner ad,” says VP Jamie Lomas. Lomas says that in addition to being optimization ready, AdReady has developed a number of templates for local verticals. For instance, it has banners specifically geared toward real estate professionals. Other templates address elective health care, automotive, etc.

It is pitching its services to metro-level clients, as well as “emerging national” companies that want to geotarget in just one or two regions (i.e., Alaska Airlines). But “hyper-local businesses — the moms and pops — aren’t really there yet,” says Lomas.

The cost of optimization and the creative have been big barriers to entry for local businesses, adds Lomas. But he thinks AdReady has significantly reduced those barriers. The company has programs starting at $500 per month, and currently has “75 to 100 clients.” In addition to its own direct clients, it plans to work with media companies and others on a white-label basis.

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