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screenhunter_31.jpgHere is a recap of blog posts from the past week in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

Stubbs Executive Interview: Video, UGC and Call Tracking President Charles Stubbs stressed the IYP opportunity with online video, call tracking, social media and IPTV during an SES Chicago appearance this week. is within striking distance to each of these, given the assets and initiatives of parent AT&T (U-verse IPTV program for example) as well as the acquisition of call tracking provider Ingenio. (read more…)

Google Local Symposium: Newmark From Craigslist
Google has been hosting a day-and-a-half local symposium here for local media, directory and vertical partners (and potential partners). Roughly 120 execs have come to the invite-only event — the glamour of the Google-plex campus, and excellent food and drink, making quite an impression. I spoke on a blogger panel with Perry Evans, Sebastian Provencher and Greg Sterling. (read more…)

Superpages Adds Another Distribution Partner
Idearc has announced another distribution deal aimed at satisfying SMB demand for performance-based advertising on The latest deal involved Findology, a California-based company that operates the local search engine. Idearc will now place its PFP advertisers on the site. According to the press release, Zipcodez serves “3 billion searches per month.” (read more…)

Talking Local @ SES Chicago
I was at SES Chicago yesterday moderating a couple of panels, sharing duty with my colleague Mike Boland on the local track presented by The Kelsey Group. My first opportunity of the day was to interview Charles Stubbs of Those who were there benefited from a wide-ranging talk about how YPC is doing, why it bought Ingenio and what Stubbs’ long-range vision is for the Internet Yellow Pages platform. (read more…)

DB Report Stays Course on RHD, Softens on Idearc
Deutsche Bank media analyst Paul Ginocchio and his team released a research report last week in which the bank reaffirmed its target share price for R.H. Donnelley (US$80 — reduced to US$65 this week after RHD issued its year-end guidance) and “Buy” rating and issued a less glowing assessment of Idearc Media, for which it lowered its price target from US$28 to US$20. On Dec. 4, RHD closed at 40.13, while Idearc closed at 17.72. Both stocks were trading lower at this writing on Wednesday. (read more…)

Yahoo! Reorgs Local Markets and Commerce
The way Yahoo! breaks up business segments is always instructive — something we follow closely at The Kelsey Group as we do our best to sort out our Interactive Local Media, Marketplaces and Yellow Pages/Directional Advertising (“The Kelsey Report”) research programs. (read more…)

A Merger of Rivals in the Netherlands
European Directories and Truvo announced the possibility of a merger of their respective De Telefoongids and Gouden Gids directory operations in the Netherlands. Gouden Gids and De Telefoongids have been locked in a fierce battle for market superiority with De Telefoongids having gained the upper hand in the past three years with a market share of 53 percent compared with 42 percent for Gouden Gids. (read more…)

Coen: U.S. Advertising Spend Up Only 0.7% in 2007
2007 U.S. advertising spending is expected to grow just 0.7 percent over 2006 to US$283.8 billion, according to McCann Erickson’s well-respected advertising forecaster, Robert Coen. In his biannual Insider’s Report, Coen downgraded his 2007 forecast for the second time in a year. In his June 2007 Insider’s Report, Coen forecasted a 3.1 percent increase over 2006, and in December 2006 he estimated a 4.8 percent increase. (read more…)

Closing the Book on ILM:07
It is hard for me to comprehend, but we are finally finished with ILM:07. We were grateful to have had 650 interesting and enthusiastic attendees from all over the world, 72 stimulating speakers, a full load of sponsors and an excellent partnership with SES. (read more…)

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