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The Wall Street Journal this week gave a nod to some of the developments in online video for SMBs. The Journal cites TKG data about online video as a direct response medium that more SMB advertisers are starting to recognize and value.

The idea here is that online video can combine some of the traditional strengths of video advertising (entertaining, informative, ability to elicit emotional response) with the direct response capabilities of the Internet.


As part of the coverage, The Journal also made a podcast out of a recent interview with TKG. Generally, the short interview focuses on the improving abilities for SMBs to produce and distribute video (a la Spot Runner, TurnHere, EZShow, Mixpo, etc.).

This capability and lowered barriers are combined with growing advertiser demand and the fact that online video is something many SMBs “get” and can assign value to. This compares with pay-per-click or other things that might be more abstract to SMBs in certain categories (trade services, restaurants) that may be more interested in local exposure, calls or foot traffic.

You can find the podcast at the Journal article above, or click the icon below.



Additional note: The bit on Facebook video integration is somewhat vague in the way this was presented and edited in the podcast. Please note that Facebook video capabilities already exist on SMB profile pages. What we haven’t seen yet, and what is projected, is a self-serve tool (a la Spot Runner) for users to create videos in Facebook (currently you can only upload existing video — see the video on TKG’s Facebook profile).

This would be more of an end-to-end solution in line with the low barrier model with which Facebook is trying to get SMBs to sign up. This is also a logical step from the ad products it has already announced, which could be accelerated by the network’s open development standards.

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  1. I think this is great news, video for local business owners and top level solutions. 2 thumbs up for online video being a obvious resource not just now but really becoming a dominating factor in touch base response. Adding Visual and Auditory to a webpage is a homerun handsdown. Nice graph that illustrates this point.

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