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Last week Bebo, the global social network, announced its new OpenMedia platform partnerships. The network has partnered with major media brands to deliver premium content to its 40 million users.

Partnerships include CBS, MTV Networks, ESPN, the BBC, Channel Four, ITN, Yahoo! and BSkyB, as well as emerging media companies like Music Nation, Next New Networks, Crackle, Ustream, and JibJab.

The launch of OpenMedia allows users to create libraries of their favorite content. Users can then rate, post and forward it to friends.

As audiences have started to demand higher quality programming online, this move will satisfy the crowds while providing partners with an opportunity to reclaim their fragmented audiences.

With regard to advertising, many brands look to align themselves with premium content especially when trying to reach the elusive teen (Bebo attracts the 13- to 24-year-old target audience). This move will make it easier for major national brands to make the leap toward advertising on the social network.

Interestingly, the partners will not be charged for access to the platform and are able to distribute their content using their own video players, which can carry their own advertising and allow them to retain 100 percent of the related ad revenues.

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