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There’s an interesting “new” company that’s been launched to deal with one of life’s headaches and frankly an afterthought — parking. ParkingCarma, now in beta, sets out to make sure there’s a parking spot waiting for you at the local BART station. You know the model, couldn’t get out of the house fast enough to pick up that latte and get a space at the BART station. Well now ParkingCarma can manage the pain of driving around the lot waiting desperately for someone to leave a space. Extend the notion to the anytown USA where safe, close-by parking is at a premium and you get the idea.

Rick Warner, CEO of the new venture, has deep roots in Michigan, so it comes as no surprise that ParkingCarma success will ride on how close it can marry its inventory management solution with the in-car technology and information experience.

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  1. Mike Boland

    Parking is an oft-ignored part of local search where a few interesting things are happening. See Spot Scout, which brings an eBay-style auction system to remnant parking spots.

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