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hapopyhours-logo.jpg Perhaps we have moved from a culture where small local publishers have gone from their own Web site to a blog to having a space on Facebook. That’s what Steve Gilberg at has done. Steve — the most knowledgeable person alive about the spirits business and local bar culture and actually a fairly sober individual — mass-mailed his intentions to his Facebook community.

As an incentive to join his Facebook Group built “around drinks, cocktails and Happy Hours,” and to see how fast he can grow it, Steve has set up a contest. Currently, he’s got 95 members, but he’s hoping to get 500 by e.o.d. tomorrow. “If we do, one person from our group will be selected at random to win a $100 bar tab prize.”

“It’s easy to tell your friends about the Facebook Group,” he writes. “Who doesn’t want to be invited to cool cocktail events or wine tastings? HappyHours with drink specials? We’ll have the best deals ANYWHERE. So, get your friends to join our group today!”

Steve notes that if “no one wins because we don’t reach 500 members by tomorrow at 5PM, he’ll boost the pot to “$200 if we reach 1,000 members by November 8th, 2007 at 5PM EST. Start spreading the word,” he adds. “Give it a shot!”

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