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screenhunter_31.jpgIn case you missed any posts, here is a weekly recap of select happenings in local search, Yellow Pages and online media. Read below to read each post in full.

Gannett’s Metromix Investment: ‘Under $10 Million’
Gannett is teaming with Tribune on a 50/50 basis to take the latter’s Metromix entertainment site national, and reach into the highly valued 21- to 24-year-old market that doesn’t typically use newspapers — online or off. The JV plans to cover the top 30 to 35 markets within a year, including invasions of cities where neither media company has a newspaper or TV station. A 12-person sales team will anchor the national effort. (read more…)

Will Sensis Go on a Buying Spree?
An article in the Australian newspaper confirms that Sensis will need to pursue acquisitions in order to meet the five-year growth objectives set out by Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo back in 2005. Telstra is Australia’s leading telecom and is the parent of Sensis, the leading directory publisher. In 2005, Telstra vowed that Sensis would double its revenues to about A$3 billion by the 2010-11 financial year (Telstra’s year ends June 30). (read more…)

Former AOLers Look at TV Station Web Sites
What keeps a TV station working with a Web enabler after it has earned enough money to do it itself? That’s a question for all the leading Web enablers — WorldNow, Internet Broadcasting Systems and Broadcast Interactive Media. All three companies have pretty much responded the same way: feed in national advertisers, leverage portal relationships with vertical players and provide sales consultation at the local level. (read more…)

FastCall 411 Grows Legs, Part II
As we speculated a few weeks ago, FastCall 411 has officially taken its product portable so it can “live” on other local search sites. The technology is a twist on click-to-call in preventing users from having to go down a list of providers until someone answers their call. Instead, it automatically calls a handful of them at once: The first one to pick up gets your business. (read more…)

Here Comes the Gphone, Part III
There is a lot of buzz today around a Wall Street Journal article (sub req.) that reveals the latest in Google’s impending entrance into the mobile world. As reported in a recent New York Times article and supported in a previous blog post, this will likely involve a mobile operating system rather than an actual phone. The newest information from The Journal is that Google has been talking to a few mobile carriers in the U.S. about carrying a potential Google operating system on their devices. (read more…)

Yodle, Ambassador Rev Up Local Online Sales
When it comes to third-party local ad sales, apparently, more is the merrier — especially with the powerful incentive of ReachLocal’s $300 million valuation. Yodle and Ambassador Internet are two of the more recent names to consider, on top of ReachLocal, WebVisible, Weblistic, Cornerstone, RHD’s LocalLaunch and Idearc’s Inceptor. (read more…) Launches Mobile Local Search Site for the iPhone today announced the release of a mobile local search site specifically designed to work on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This will be a mobile web based local search site accessible from the devices’ Safari web browser, and will include local listings, reviews and maps. (read more…)

Zillow Integrates Ads to Home Searches
Zillow announced this morning that it will integrate a new ad targeting feature known as HomeDirect, which will serve geographically, demographically and contextually relevant ads within individual home listings. This will come in three flavors; targeting individual homes that its algorithms determine to be near the point of sale, targeting homes that are of a certain value, targeting based on geographical significance to advertisers. (read more…)

Idearc Brings the World to Its Local Print Yellow Page Customers
When is a local Yellow Pages not a local Yellow Pages? When a global gift shopping catalog is part of the directory. Idearc Media has partnered with Shop Yellow, an online and print gift catalog company offering gift items for every occasion from around the world. Starting with editions in Virginia and Pennsylvania, Idearc plans to bind in the new catalog within 500,000 editions of its print Yellow Pages directories and to expand distribution in other markets. (read more…)

The Future of Local 3-D Mapping: A Conversation With Everyscape
Most of our coverage of 3-D mapping has focused on Microsoft’s Virtual Earth 3-D, which provides an immersive 3-D mapping experience that lets you fly in and out of cityscapes and search for addresses and business locations. Google’s Street View, meanwhile, provides a first-person street-level perspective to go up and down streets in a growing list of U.S. cities. EveryScape basically combines these and also has its own angle, in providing 3-D renderings of the insides of some buildings for users to browse. (read more…)

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