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The game changing device and forebear to the iPhone turns six years old today. The unofficial Apple blog has the story, along with a video of Steve Jobs’ original unveiling keynote at Macworld.

It’s amazing how much the device has evolved since 2001; yet another piece of Moore’s Law in action (insane sales growth also doesn’t hurt product development pace). This pace is also exemplified by the fact that the video iPod, new less than two years ago, is now branded (with some tweaks) as “iPod classic”.

If you want classic, you should see my iPod — the original 5 gigabyte model celebrating its birthday today and shown to the left (with far fewer scratches). The funny part is that the coveted breakthrough device of six years ago now gets weird looks at the gym as being a gadget relic. Imagine what the iPhone will look like in 6 years.

A funny jab at this fast-paced product rollout was also shown on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. It was previously available on YouTube and has been taken down along with many other SNL clips, but is covered by Engadget.

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  1. Ipod bday…still a great gift!…

    Six years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod! Wow, did it well or what? You may think that by now everyone would have one. It’s close enough since they have sold 110M units of them. But, it’s still one…

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