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The NewTeeVee blog reports on comments made by Susan Wojcicki, Google VP of product management, that the company is testing different forms of video advertising.

As we have reported in the past, YouTube has already begun to experiment with the inline ad format that Wojcicki hints at, and this type of integrated advertising is seeing some interesting developments we’ve covered from the likes of Blinkx and

This has come about from a combination of improving voice recognition technologies (which will have the byproduct of better free DA for Google, according to Google’s Marissa Meyer) and the general notion that consumers largely don’t like pre-roll ads.

These types of integrated inline ads will be a more effective way to monetize the wild west onslaught of online video, and we can expect to see lots more experimentation from the likes of Google, YouTube, Blinkx,, ScanScout and others that will no doubt come along.

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