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InfoSpace’s flagship mobile local search product, FindIt, is now available on the iPhone. I knew this would be coming soon, and it is a natural fit for the ease of use of the new device and its mobile local search possibilities.

Other mobile local search applications have been made available for the iPhone, such as Earthcomber, and many more will follow (including entire companies forming around third-party applications and accessories for the device).

As we’ve said before, the ease of use and Web browsing capability will ignite a wave of innovation in mobile local search. Here, adoption (related to the price of the device and other factors, which should improve) will be a gating factor.

Soon, we’ll do a roundup and a comparative analysis of all the mobile local search applications out there for the iPhone. Stay tuned.


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  1. It’s OK. But I prefer Earthcomber. It seems to do a lot more in a faster amount of time.

  2. First!!!
    Seriously I can’t believe this news went without a comment. In a couple of years the number of searches conducted via cell phone are going to be staggering. I can’t wait to develop a search service for the platform.

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