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vehix.jpg CEO Derek Mattsson announced at the company’s annual summit that, starting today, it will officially be known as just Vehix. This is meant to signify its directions into many delivery mechanisms in addition to online.

This includes mobile and television a direction it has already taken, but will do so in a much more meaningful and concerted way going forward, which I’ll get further into later.

There are in fact lots of interesting initiatives the company is announcing today that all deal with expanding its content to new formats and new delivery mechanisms the “three screens” strategy we’re beginning to hear a lot about from local online players.

This reminds me of Apple’s name change back in January, when it went from the long-standing “Apple Computer” to simply “Apple.” This was meant to signify its metamorphosis, already well under way at that point, to become less of a computer company and more of a consumer electronics, software and device play (and a damn good one at that).

We’ll see how Vehix’s moves in the coming months back up the intentions behind its new identity. It’s off to a good start if today’s product demos are any indication. I’ll follow up soon with more from the show.

Related: More on Vehix’s outlook for local search and autos including products being announced today in a past interview with Mattsson.

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