iPhone: The Reviews Are In

A handful of official iPhone reviews from professional product reviewers came out today. The verdict: It lives up to the hype.

There are still lots of possible flaws, such as slow speeds on AT&T’s EDGE data network, but the overall picture is that the iPhone does things no other device before it could do. Furthermore, this is Version 1.0, and we can expect a great deal of improvement (including an eventual switch to faster 3G networks). As we pointed out in the past, look at the current line of iPods compared with Version 1.0.

Other proposed drawbacks, including the lack of a physical keyboard, were largely dismissed as non-issues by the review corps. Most notable is the write-up of my (and most people’s) favorite reviewer, Walt Mossberg. I won’t attempt to paraphrase him but rather let you read him do what he does best. His column is here (sub req.), while you can also read Newsweek‘s write-up.

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