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The week of the iPhone’s launch has begun, and the needle on the hype-o-meter has begun to twitch.

The official launch is on Friday, and you can expect a fair amount of pushing and shoving as everyone tries to get his or her hands on one. Already, AT&T has released crowd control instructions for store owners and landlords, while you can find someone on Craigslist to wait in line for you.

Once the smoke clears, we’ll try to get our hands on one to provide a hands-on review of its capabilities and implications for mobile local search, introduced in past posts here and here.

(photo credit: The New York Times)

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  1. I hope the hype on the iPhone can help their sales. CNBC has a segment that talked about the odds on the iPhone. I think that there will be a shortage of phones on the first day however, after the hype dies down, there will be problems with the first batch. My recommendations are wait till the bugs are ironed out and the price goes down.

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