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Online video stood out a great deal as a theme and business opportunity at this year’s Drilling Down on Local conference in March. Spot Runner‘s Nick Grouf keynoted, while other speaking slots were given to TurnHere and IYPs that expressed interest in integrating online video advertising.

To put a “face” on the growing discussion, we also got our hands on dozens of TurnHere small-business video ads to play throughout the show. But to add an additional fold to the topic, and put ourselves in the shoes of small businesses that are beginning to dabble in video, we told TurnHere to bring along their video cameras.

They shot a three-minute video that can be seen as a good example of the small-business video ads that we’ve talked about a great deal here and in other reports and that are being increasingly discussed all around the local media industry.

If you’re interested, check out the video ad here.

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