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As was announced by IAC head of media and entertainment Peter Horan from the stage at Drilling Down on Local, Citysearch will integrate small-business video ads throughout its site.

The partner of choice for the video production and creative is TurnHere, a company getting a lot of attention for bringing small-business video advertising (production and distribution) within the grasp of SMBs for the first time. Spot Runner and Spotzer also deserve a nod for doing just this with slightly different models.

Citysearch has also relaunched with a much-overdue design change, which seems to be a big improvement in its less cluttered layout and sharp design. Check out an example, in this San Francisco restaurant listing.

Together, these changes should give Citysearch a boost in traffic and traction. Panning back, if you combine this with the recent move to deepen its user-generated content with the Insider Pages acquisition (will have SEO and consumer appeal benefits), these moves should go a long way in differentiating Citysearch in the crowded local search space. Recent top management changes, a growing sales operation, and continued integration and cross pollination with AskCity and other IAC properties should likewise further this end.

I am scheduled to speak with Citysearch EVP of products and marketing Scott Morrow later today. We’ll provide more later, and the press release can be found here.


Related: For subscribers and clients of Interactive Local Media, there are reports in the pipeline on local video advertising, and a big picture look at the collective moves by Citysearch over the past few months.

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