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There is a lot happening in the local search and media worlds today. Here are some notables.

Yahoo! has coughed up $680 million for the remaining stake in online media exchange Right Media. It previously owned 20 percent of the company. This could partially be a counter shot to Google’s purchase of DoubleClick, as DoubleClick has a yet-to-be proven ad exchange of its own. Both moves, generally, are an attempt to improve display ad capabilities. More on the Yahoo! deal from Red Herring and The New York Times, and on the Google deal (for subscribers) in the recent TKG Advisory DoubleClick and Clear Channel: Google’s One-Two Punch to Increase Ad Reach.

EBay has launched a handful of interesting widgets that let any seller take his or her listing “to go” and plant it on a blog or Web site. They have flash-based animation and should serve to push out eBay listings and give them more exposure than they would get on eBay proper alone. This is an uncharacteristic move for eBay, which is usually a closed system, and is in the same vein as the recently launched vFlyer widgets we wrote about here.

This could gain significant traction in eBay’s strong autos category where many dealers will likely jump on the opportunity to plant their eBay listings on their own sites in a more-user friendly way. It could also represent a testing ground for new flash-based functionality before eBay integrates it on its own site. TechCrunch has screenshots.

The New York Times takes a look at a handful of companies, such as Zebo, that help people catalog and value all their earthly possessions and post them online. Meanwhile, a new site for packrats to trade items,, launched today with an auction-based model and flat listing fees.

GigaOm asks, Does advertising in virtual online realms (such as Second Life) work? This is an area that received a great deal of initial excitement, bordering on irrational exuberance, which has since been reined in with a fair amount of criticism. There are still some interesting local implications and opportunities, further examined in a past post. IAC meanwhile launches its own online virtual world Zwinktopia.

Search Engine Roundtable reports on the first signs of Google’s anticipated Pay Per Action ads.

New York-based directory publisher Ambassador Publications has launched a new online bid management and reporting platform, explained here.

Lastly, the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada reports that Canadian online ad revenues reached an all-time high of $1.01 billion in 2006. More from the press release.

Some of these items deserve a deeper dive and we’ll revisit them accordingly.

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