Local Search and the Simpsons

Check out this YouTube clip of Marge Simpson using Google Maps and a variety of other local online activities. It’s a good parody of online media for a Friday afternoon, which takes jabs at Google, online shopping and online gaming, among other things.

Now if Google Maps can only settle the debate over what state Springfield is in (my money is on Oregon, near Matt Groening’s hometown of Portland).


Update: It seems that there are more folds to the Simpsons’ ties to local search and mapping. Comment from SarahM points out that there is a real-life replica of the Simpsons’ home that can be found on Zillow (interestingly in Las Vegas’ sprawling suburbia). Try to guess the estimated value.

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  1. SarahM

    While I am not sure where the official Springfield is, you can find an exact replica of the Simpson homes in Las Vegas. Check it out http://www.zillow.com/aerial/DualMapPage.htm?o=North&zpid=7074991

    Apparently it was a part of a marketing promotion for the show put on a few years back. You can find more info and other Unique Homes here: http://www.zillow.com/howto/FamousUnique.htm re:

  2. Mike Boland

    Thanks for Sending Sarah. I’ll check it out. There is also this interactive map of Springfield. Who’d a thought cartoons could teach us about local search and mapping.

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