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As we’ve expressed in past writing, the targeting abilities and architecture of IPTV could open up some interesting local advertising opportunities (also see TKG White Paper From Reach to Targeting: The Transformation of TV in the Internet Age).

But it’s been a while since we’ve written about IPTV here. So here is a quick and long overdue roundup of some interesting IPTV items.

Rocketboom has an interesting video interview with Joe Savage, president of the Fiber to the Home Council, in which the benefits of fiber to the home (the backbone of many IPTV efforts) are explained in everyday language.

Daily IPTV has a list of the top IPTV-focused blogs. A good reference point for anyone interested in IPTV (and starting point to get some good RSS feeds).

The Wall Street Journal (sub req.) has an article on set-top boxes for IPTV and on Apple TV.

EMarketer has data on global IPTV use.

Lastly, 3 Screens poses the question, can IPTV and online video coexist? IPTV, to clarify, is separate from online video (YouTube, etc.) and refers to IP-based delivery of video content to your television in a service package from a telco provider such as AT&T or Verizon. (also see Triple Play.)

On a related note, a TKG report is due out next week on video advertising, and how many local advertisers are starting to catch on, given accessibility and new price points from the likes of Spot Runner and TurnHere. To use an ending note that I overuse (which in this rare case, seems appropriate), stay tuned …

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