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The L.A. Times today provided a sneak preview of the Frank Gehry-designed, $150 million headquarters for Barry Diller's IAC along the West Side highway in NYC. I'll look forward to visiting. Here are pictures of the building from IAC’s site, since the L.A. Times article, which has two great pics in the print edition, doesn’t include them on the Web site.

“Behind the front desk, a video wall displayed an enormous satellite-view image of Earth that visitors can revolve with a mouse on the counter,” notes the article. “To its left, the wall flashed activity updates from IAC's dozens of ventures  one moment, the concerts handled by Ticketmaster, then products peddled on the Home Shopping Network, then traffic on That site was getting 246,300 page views an hour, the screen reported, and Michigan State headed the list of ’Most Active Colleges’ Today.”

The sixth floor is reserved for executives and is described by the article as “more traditional, less open.” If Diller could do everything over, he'd probably ditch that “one foot in the old world,” he told the paper.

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