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Saw an interesting announcement from Idearc Media that shows the publisher is trying to keep pace with the shifts occurring in consumer priorities.

Idearc is introducing a Green Business Guide in its Madison, Wisconsin, book, which hits the streets in September. The guide will feature ads from environmentally sensitive businesses, along with articles on how consumers can make better choices for the environment.

As someone who attended the UW back in the ’80s, I can testify that Madison is a pretty good choice of markets for a “green” guide. We expect that in the coming years interest will expand beyond progressive college towns, however, so Idearc is wise to test this idea now.

The section offers ads at substantially lower rates than the main book, which Idearc hopes will attract some nontraditional advertisers to the book.

As print directories around the world wrestle with fewer users and more competitors, product innovation is at a premium. This is another example of the kind of creative energy a more challenging competitive environment has created.

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