Skip to content unveiled the first screen shots of its IPTV Internet Yellow Pages channel at Local '07 yesterday. The shots show a colorful video service that enables users to select and browse by popular categories, with details of nearby businesses also provided, along with mapping. The service can also be browsed by name but isn't ideally suited to the task. Advertisers, meanwhile, can set up microsites. It wasn't clear from the screenshots how much of the service will be video oriented, and how much will be static.

CMO Matt Crowley said the service, which is set for Channel 97, is “built and running in the office.” We're starting with the basics, and then we'll add value when we're in play.” The game plan is to have AT&T U-Verse roll it out in two test markets, hopefully later in the year. But the timing is pretty much up to AT&T U-Verse, he noted.

Crowley added that the service probably won't be fully rolled out until 2011, when U-Verse should be available to the mass market. He emphasizes that the IPTV service is not really a standalone product, but part of a “three screen approach” for that encompasses mobile, PC and TV.

From a sales channel point of view, Crowley said that SMEs will have an opportunity to use the interactive television orientation of the service to order from an online ad store. Crowley cited research showing that 38 percent of SMEs would be interested in such a self-service ordering process.

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