NYT Lands a Monster of a Partner

AP reports (via WSJ Online) that The New York Times Co. and Monster.com are partnering to sell recruitment ads.

This will bring the Monster brand to 19 of the publisher’s sites (including NYTimes.com and Boston.com). There is little information given, but it appears both companies will provide listings. The New York Times Co. will benefit from additional content and the online cachet of the Monster name, while Monster will gain additional distribution and possibly new outlets for content.

This follows the many recent partnerships between online companies and traditional publishers to capture better positioning in online classifieds. For publishers, in most cases, these deals are hoped to reclaim a stake of their classifieds business that has moved online. Online players can meanwhile gain content (listings), added distribution, and the trusted names of their newfound newspaper partners.

Other much talked about partnerships include the recently formed Yahoo! “amigos” consortium of publishers, and Gannet, McClatchy and Tribune’s (GMT) online ad network. Read more in our past coverage of these deals here, here and here.

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