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OhioElects Adds Local Search to Election Coverage

Election advertising has been a key revenue driver for TV and radio stations, and newspapers, but hasn't really moved over to the Web. Mostly, the Web is used by campaigns for organizing and fund-raising. But OhioElects, a site launched by…

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10 Local Trends That Greet the New Year

Year-end reviews are always kind of arbitrary. For sure, a lot of overlap occurs from year to year. So much of what we consider "the '60s," for instance, really happened in the early '70s. But clearly, r/evolution is happening in…

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SME Advertising on Craigslist

ClickZ has an interesting article on the practice of advertising on Craigslist. Essentially this entails small businesses advertising products or services in the form of a Craigslist posting. I wrote about this for Search Engine Watch a few weeks ago.…

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