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Amid the endless and effusive praise of Apple’s new iPhone, Good Morning Silicon Valley‘s John Paczkowski offers a refreshing reality check about some of the things the device is missing, “questions that are now emerging as the hypnotic pull of CEO Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field fades.”

Scratch resistance and lack of expandable memory and replaceable battery are a few things on his list. These things, however, don’t affect whether the product will or won’t be a game changer for mobile search and entertainment, as explored yesterday. Either way, it is an impressive first version that will likely improve over time. Look at the first iPod compared with today’s models (I have the first generation iPod; though it’s not that old, it’s often met with strange and inquisitive looks at the gym).

Incidentally, if you don’t already read Good Morning Silicon Valley, I recommend subscribing to its free e-mail newsletter, RSS feed, or just visit the blog periodically. It’s worth it for Paczkowski’s headlines alone.

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