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MarketingSherpa has a case study of Jenny Craig’s integration of click-to-call. Like many local service oriented businesses, the nationally oriented diet product powerhouse relies on phone calls to drive sales.

This need applies differently in different categories, but many local service businesses in particular can benefit from click-to-call, as suggested by this Nielsen/NetRatings and WebVisible joint study.

Related: Earlier today we had the chance to talk with MapQuest about a few different things we’re not allowed to reveal yet. But the company did mention on the record that it is running consumer trials with both click-to-call and banner advertising on mobile devices. We’ll provide more detail on this in the near future.

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  1. Click2Call…

    Its time has come for local advertisers … who simply want phone calls to hit their phone line. Plumbers, Repair guys, landscapers, etc… they simply want phone calls, not emails… and many still think web sites are a hassle. Broadband connections such as Verizon’s FIOS now support CD-Quality Voice over IP… that’s very cool.

    Combining click to call with online chat will allow local advertisers a very economical way of capturing qualified customers ….customers ready to buy.

    -Shawn Wiora
    Steeplechase Resources

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