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AT&T has launched its Homezone service in the Bay Area, which will be one of the products in its bundling strategy (explored in the recent TKG Advisory “Triple and Quad Play: Who Will Win the Bundled Services Battle”). A forebearer to its IPTV service and the interactivity that will have among consumer devices, Homezone will allow users to transfer Web-downloaded movies to their television sets, Web-downloaded music to their home stereos, and program DVRs from their PCs. The San Jose Mercury News has more.

In related IPTV news, market research firm Infonetics predicts that IPTV subscribers will double in number every year and reach 68.9 million in 2009. Sales of IPTV equipment are likewise expected to grow from US$371 million last year to US$6.8 billion in 2009.

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