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LinkedIn, the service that greases the wheels of virtual networking, is extending that concept to the Yellow Pages, by offering a directory of local service listings, with a layer of social networking. Here is a write-up on Red Herring.

LinkedIn says the move is not about creating a rival to the A-Z Yellow Pages, since LinkedIn is only focused on a narrow set of categories for which consumer recommendations matter. Of course, this overlaps the bread-and-butter Yellow Pages categories, like attorneys and tradespeople.

LinkedIn is entering a crowded category, with all the existing Yellow Pages players, plus the myriad user-generated directories like Insider Pages, Judy’s Book, Yelp and so on.

LinkedIn sees its obvious edge in the existing 7.7 million installed base of members who are already networking with one another on this and that. Adding the ability to swap tips on who gives the best deal on Botox injections or bathroom remodeling (or both while we’re at it) seemed like a natural extension.

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