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Being a frequent YouTube user, I just stumbled upon this. Chad and Steve, the cofounders of YouTube, have sent a message to the world about the Google acquisition in what other form but a YouTube video clip. Either these guys are shocked and hysterical at their newfound wealth (in Google stock), or they are simply in disbelief that they were able to get someone to pay nearly $2 billion for a site that specializes in distributing clips like this. Either way, congratulations to them. This clip could become a defining moment for the onset of Bubble 2.0. But we hope not.

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  1. Well, the $1.6B price is absurd IMHO, but my 5-year-old-son got a big laugh out of the dancing midget.

  2. Hey Charlie and Pat (Marshall)? I totally disagree. Not a jump the shark moment at all and $1.65 billion is only a fraction of Google’s market cap ($124 billion) for 40-70 million uniques (depending on whom you belive), the only brand in online video, plus a Madison avenue angle that didn’t exist for Google before.

    They also get huge PR value and "buzz" and a big psychological win over competitors. Of course that needs to be turned into revenue eventually.

    They could screw it up of course but I think it’s going to emerge as a big deal for Google, in more ways than one.

  3. Greg brings up some good points, some of which i haven’t heard yet in the media storm surrounding this event. Like many other things, this will be a wait and see situation.

  4. Greg. Well, I may have been a bit glib, but paying 1.6B for PR buzz and a psychological victory over competitors doesn’t sound like a rational way to spend the shareholders’ money, at least not that much of it. Calling it a fraction of its market cap is the same as calling it monopoly money in my view.

    Your argument on the volume of traffic is at least tangible and I can accept that.

  5. It’s seems funny coz it might be true, I think these Multimillionaires should join together and finance on a big project.

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