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As the lead organizer of The Kelsey Group’s DDC 2006 event, I’m pretty proud of our lineup of keynote speakers and grateful for the help I’ve gotten from my colleagues in bringing them on board.

In order to give the global directory community a taste of what we have coming at DDC, we have conducted (or soon will do so) interviews with our keynoters and have posted excerpts as audio files on our Web site.

Please check out these podcasts. To date, we have posted interviews with three of our five speakers: Ike Harris, Stuart McKelvey and Paolo Cellini. We hope to have the remaining two on the site soon. The interviews were conducted by John Kelsey and produced by Mike Boland.

We did this in part to increase awareness of our event, but we also wanted to experiment with a new way (for us at least) to deliver content. We like the results so far, so look for more podcasts from us in the near future.

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