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The upgrade of the popular MSN Spaces, renamed Windows Live Spaces, had a bumpy start. According to the official blog: "We know we disappointed a bunch of you with the issues we had in our rollout last night. There was a period of over 12 hours where Spaces at best were extremely slow to render, if they rendered properly at all. We had a bunch of people working hard and late last night to address these issues that did not show up in any of our test environments. We planned long and hard for this release and unfortunately it was one of those gotchas that only showed up once we were in production." MSN Spaces is one of Microsoft's most popular Web products. The service has grown from 40 million to 101 million users in the past year. Users have set up blogs, posted photos and built a network of contacts through the social networking features. (Sources: MS, MSN blog, PC World)

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