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If Internet Yellow Pages users can "store" advertiser information where they like, they’ll use them much more often, according to interesting research by "Click-to-Save & Share" vendor AgendiZe.

The AgendiZe platform, in use by True Local, YPG of Canada, Bermuda Yellow Pages, Gotya of Austria, Scaret in Sweden and QDQ Media of Spain, enables consumers to cut and paste ads from IYP Web sites to Instant Messaging, SMS, Desktop notes, personal information managers, printers, Skype Out VoIP voice calls or e-mail. Recently, social networking functionality was added to the service, giving it some Web 2.0 flair. For instance, users can freely exchange reviews, ratings and embedded coupons.

According to company literature, the use of additional platforms boosts advertising recall by 700 percent and conversion (i.e., calls and store visits) by 25 percent. The claims are impressive enough, at least, to convince investors this spring to provide a new round of roughly $1.9 million (1.5 million euros).

It also set in motion the development of a U.S. strategy by advisor Pat Marshall, the former Verizon SuperPages chief. Marshall's efforts are being supported by three salespeople in Dallas.

The AgendiZe platform is perfect for "the 'pending transactions' or 'discovery' phase," says Marshall. Several years ago, Verizon tried to provide similar functionality on SuperPages, enabling users to move ads to their mobile phones — but nothing as extensive as AgendiZe, he notes.

AgendiZe also provides full tracking capabilities showing what platforms ads are being sent to — an important feature now that companies such as Verizon have moved to pay-for-performance billing, says Marshall. "They are having trouble monetizing their advertising as quickly," since they need to first meet their click-through goals. The problem with pay for performance, unenhanced by AgendiZe’s features, is "it's all on the balance sheet, not fresh income," he says.

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