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Tomorrow, Ingenio’s intellectual capital monetization machine — or Ether as Ingenio named it — goes live. Ingenio was once — an early entrant to the peer-to-peer connectivity space. Ether is designed to help individuals leverage their IP capacity by building a marketplace where they can sell their "brains" to the highest bidder.

Having been briefed on this a while back, I found the concept very compelling. Now, as it comes out of beta, it will be interesting to see if the world is ready for a peer-to-peer IP marketplace. While there are other similar business out there — Gerson Lehrman Group — this is the first one for the masses.

Gosh, I should ask my 83-year-old father if he’s ready to offer the masses his thoughts about impacted wisdom teeth. After all, he’s been pulling them for nearly 50 years.

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