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Canada’s Yellow Pages Group has launched a beta version of its online directory. The company is touting the new site as a combination of an IYP and a local search product by allowing users to "obtain structured results with unstructured queries." Here is a copy of the release.

We plan to take a closer look at the site in our next edition of Local Media Journal. For now, here are a few of the features YPG is touting about its site upgrade:

* A keyword search box that accommodates brands, multiple word queries, phone numbers and other search methods.

* A "Did you mean?" feature that suggests corrections for misspellings and homonyms.

* An instant free call connect feature.

* Tiered rankings to separate national, regional and local results.

* The ability to refine based on brands, methods of payment, etc.

While "beta" suggests a work in progress, we certainly applaud the direction of the new site, which gets the notion that an online directory must borrow more from search than from print Yellow pages to be relevant to the user.

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