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On the Heels of McClatchy's purchase of Knight Ridder (and subsequent sale of four of its papers to MediaNews Group), the publisher announced a partnership with WebVisible late last week at the AdTech conference in San Francisco.

WebVisible's Geneva platform will power the online ad distribution of McClatchy's local advertisers. This will involve guaranteed clicks packages sold to these advertisers by McClatchy, as the publisher attempts to gain a larger online footprint. McClatchy’s strategy more specifically is to establish a pay-for-performance model to address the many local businesses for which its newspaper display advertising might be prohibitively expensive.

It is therefore looking to go deeper into the local ad market with an online product that will extend its suite of advertising options and utilize the sales channels it already has in place. This is a smart move that represents a direction we believe many newspaper publishers should be taking. We’ll explore this further in an upcoming Local Media Journal article, and in the second installment of our newspaper White Paper, due out in a few weeks.

For now, read more about this deal here.

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