Thursday Morning News Roundup

Some news from the past couple of days:

—It’s official: McClatchy has found buyers for some of the big market papers it acquired with its recent purchase of Knight Ridder. MediaNews Group (Publisher of The Denver Post) and Hearst are the buyers. The deal is broken down futher in this AP article.

—After months of invitation-only access, online video distribution engine Brightcove will be available today for all content creators to begin building, distributing and monetizing (ad placement) their content. CNET’s media blog has the scoop.

—Yet another player has entered the social networking space. This time it’s Microsoft. Search Engine Journal has a good write-up on the new service, which is called Wallop.

—Newspaper Executives sound off to the San Jose Mercury News about the future of the industry.

—Classified aggregator LiveDeal reached US$5 billion worth of goods sold on its site. Read the release here.

—A roundup of forecasts for the projected growth in the IPTV market can be found here.

—Two interesting articles appeared this week in Ad Age. This story examines the advantages of user-generated content in local television (lost remote has a similar write-up here), and this one covers Wal-Mart’s new stance on the importance of local advertising.

—Lastly, this Red Herring article examines a deal that could push the mobile TV industry forward.






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