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The video and IPTV news inundation continues. Here is this week’s roundup;

–"Punk’d" and "Beauty and the Geek" creators Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg will team up with AOL to deliver five new programs exclusively on

ZDNet has an interesting piece on what John Nicol will do for MSN’s video and multimedia efforts.

— Business Week reports on Cisco’s move into the IPTV space through this interview with senior vice-president Mike Volpi.

— This interesting piece from Media Daily News explores the cultural differences that exist between traditional television ad sales, and the new IPTV paradigms emerging.

— Disney spin-off MovieBeam announced (reg req.) an on-demand service that will make movies available through a special set top box the same day they’re released on DVD.

— Comcast has announced it will add geographically targeted ads to some of its video on demand content.

— Olympic winning runs and highlights can be seen on the games’ official site here.

— Lastly, A Harris interactive study came out with some interesting numbers on how IPTV is being recognized and anticipated as an attractive alternative to cable and satellite.

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  1. Lots of coverage in Europe from 3GSM conference in Spain. Microsoft annouced a deal with Virgin and BT to deliver television to a mobile device using radio airwaves. Opens the door for lots of possibilies with the concept of HD or digital radio on the horizon. Europe will continue to lead the world in defining new mobile user experiences.

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