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BusinessWeek Reporter Ben Elgin provides a nice overview of Yahoo!'s "differentiation strategy" (vs. Google) using community and "social search." (I believe JudysBook has tried to TM the term "social search.")

We wrote about Yahoo!'s broader social strategy and how it related to local back in August last year and blogged a bit more about it in November.

I also wrote previously here about how Yahoo! is integrating community across its site in Answers, Shopping, Trip Planner, etc.

We'll also be doing an update of our 2004 White Paper "Social Networking: Building a Better Local Online Marketplace" this year.

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  1. This is an interesting piece. There was a similar one done by Business 2.0 back in December. magazines/business2/business2_archive/

    …And one done by WIRED in Semptember that was a forward looking piece (as WIRED does best) on Yahoo!s overall strategy in the IPTV space that will involve the same social search and "folksonomy" strategy that it seems to be applying accross its network (i.e. MyWeb, Flickr,, etc.) 13.09/yahoo.html

    Interesting stuff.

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