Chrysler and Local Click-to-Call

Now this isn't PPCall, it's call connection (eStara). . . but this DMNews piece offers a case study of sorts on how Chrysler is having success connecting potential purchasers to local dealers:

…80 percent of calls generated through the click-to-call technology were transferred to local dealers. Of those calls, 15 percent closed the sale…

There are many critics of click-to-call out there (they contend it requires a change in consumer behavior). But for my purposes this is an example of online-offline integration, which we should see a great deal more of, in various forms, in the very near future.

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  1. Dan

    We agree Greg, click to call does require some change in consumer bahavior. However, in an enterprise deployment like Chrysler, click to call relieves the usual customer anxiety of having to "start all over again" when they cross over from the web to the voice channel. This is due to eStara's cross-channel data passing technology which ensures a continuity of experience for click to call users. With click to call, they won't have to repeat information to a customer service representative that they already gave on the web.

    In the local space, it's all about providing people with choices, which is why eStara provides call tracking numbers in addition to click to call options like those found on directory listings for Verizon or Amazon's

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