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There's a new consumer paradigm emerging, one in which users have almost total control over the media they consume and how, when and where they consume it. How advertisers respond to that new disruptive consumer behavior model and the increasing fragmentation of the media marketplace is what we're seeking to address at this year's "Drilling Down" event.

We finally (whew!) have the agenda online. It took so long because we had to cut about 10 excellent potential panels to squeeze it into two days with no breakout sessions.

We'll announce panelists (there's still time, contact me) and keynote speakers very soon.

It should be a very interesting show (I'm not just saying that) as we tackle our perennial local search theme with emphasis on some of the related developments in video, VoIP and wireless.

We'll have both national and local advertisers "live on stage" in what should be two very good sessions about the changing nature of marketing and the different "national-local" and "local-local" responses to that. The local advertiser sessions are always a hit and make for some great feedback and occasionally some surprises.

We've also made the final session a wide-open discussion about the evolution and potential integration of online and offline media buying (which of course YP and newspapers have been doing) in the wake of the Google dMarc acquisition.

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