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Here's an AP story exploring the privacy implications of high-resolution online mapping. Nothing particularly new here except that the issue is getting flagged. We may be in an era of new privacy initiatives (we'll see). The consumer zeitgeist may be moving in that direction (helped along by the NSA shenanigans).

This story in MediaPost (reg. req'd) cites a shopping study by a firm called Questus about consumer abandonment of sites (1 in 3) once they hit registration pages. (To some degree this goes to privacy concerns, but it also argues by implication that newspapers should abandon registration. And it suggests some potential obstacles for behavioral targeting.)

DA alternatives (Jingle Networks, 1800Free411Metro) are profiled in this article . We'll have a panel on FreeDA at Drilling Down on Local: "Free DA: A Flawed Model or Mo-Lo Made Simple?"

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