comScore Search Numbers

… for November are here. Here are the highlights:

  • Google Sites —39.8%
  • Yahoo! Sites— 29.5%
  • MSN-Microsoft Sites —14.2%
  • Time Warner Network— 8.7%
  • Ask Jeeves —6.5%

According to comScore, Google and were the only gainers.


Americans conducted 5.15 billion searches online during November 2005, up 9 percent from November 2004.

Google Sites garnered the most searches in November 2005 with 2.05 billion searches measured, followed by Yahoo! Sites (1.52 billion searches), MSN-Microsoft Sites (728.8 million searches), Time Warner Network (446 million searches), and Ask Jeeves (336.3 million searches).

Yahoo! and Google continued to battle for supremacy in the toolbar search arena. Yahoo! Sites received 48.5 percent of toolbar searches, edging out Google's 46.4 percent share. While Yahoo!'s competitive edge is noteworthy, toolbar search activity represented only 12 percent of total searches in November.

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  1. eVideoDirectory

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Yahoo now that Yahoo has been 'flickrized'.

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