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Last week my fellow analyst Mike Boland, author of our recent IPTV/video search report, blogged about hot video-community site YouTube . So did many people at MySpace, whose references to the site were apparently removed by Murdoch's organization. (The site is perceived as competitive.)

A backlash ensued and apparently the practice has been reversed. This is a fascinating example of "corporate media" confronting a very different set of rules ("Web2.0" etc.) online.

It's also a very precarious time for MySpace, which could go the route of Friendster if it's not very careful—notwithstanding all the hype surrounding its metrics (page views, users, etc.) and the recent launch of its branded record label.


Recently I spoke to a tech journalist who had some very interesting theories regarding why MySpace was able to generate these page views and time on site it boasts, which had little to do with music …

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