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When Yahoo! Answers launched in early December, I decided just for fun to ask the question "What is the meaning of life?" to see what I'd get back. Just in time for the new year, and provided by the community, here's the answer:

Since birth, we are on a journey; a journey that God has commanded us to take. Imagine a huge tree in a middle of a long rough road in a hot day. This tree casts a shadow and provides food to the travelers. You will see people resting under this tree and their eye on the road thinking about their journey and you will see others occupied with what the tree has provided them and who forgot completly about their journey. The smart ones take only what is needed from the tree to help them in their travel while those who forgot, have wasted their time for nothing The road is your way to God. Life is the tree.

There you have it! I didn't make any of that up; it's the real "answer."

Now, if Yahoo! Answers can tackle "the meaning of life" question, I'm fairly certain it can help me find a good pizza place in Berkeley.

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