Yahoo! Launches Open Shortcuts

Yahoo! has launched a new service called Open Shortcuts, according to SEW, that allows users to create custom search commands.

According to Yahoo!, this will let users:

– Instantly navigate to any URL on the Internet
– Easily recall common searches on Yahoo!
– Quickly search favorite sites
– Jump start frequently used Internet applications

The feature is basically an alternative to bookmarking, in which the Yahoo! search box becomes a command field for taking you directly to a site or completing any of the functions listed above. It requires some setting up, but savvy Web users and the Yahoo! faithful will find it useful.

The tool basically falls into the category of creating stickiness among users and is designed to drive traffic and increase search market share. It also falls nicely into Yahoo’s product strategy for personalized tools (i.e., My Web, Yahoo! Toolbar, My Yahoo!, etc.), which it hopes will attract and keep users after they’ve spent the time to set up, customize and get accustomed to them.

We expect no abeyance of such product launches, and their integration into the larger Yahoo! machine, as the feature race among portals continues.






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