Local.com Ads Furl Functionality

Interchange's consumer destination site Local.com will be offering a del.icio.us-like tagging/bookmarking feature powered by LookSmart's Furl like The N.Y. Times). This is the latest in a series of moves (with more coming) to beef up the content and features of Local.com, among them: ShopLocal's content and PPCall ads from Ingenio.

Earlier this week, Interchange announced that Local.com's traffic had risen drammatically:

For the month of November 2005, Local.com reached 5 million unique visitors and over 21 million page views, up from 1.5 million unique visitors and 6 million page views in October 2005.

Interchange paid about $700K for "Local.com" and if it can add the right combination of content and features — which is still TBD in this evolving marketplace — it may be able to be very competitive for consumer traffic (and ad $$).

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