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On the advertiser side, Ingenio has added a couple of features ("auto-bidding" and "conversion management") to make PPCall easier and more effective.

Ingenio explains:

  • Auto-bidding: Similar to the proxy bidding features popularized by Google and eBay, Ingenio Auto-Bidding allows advertisers to set a "max" price per call and will automatically update an advertiser's bid by $.01 until it reaches the max price point. This feature had been a top request from Ingenio advertisers.
  • Conversion Management: This process does two things (1) optimizes the relevancy of Ingenio ads to help distribution partners maximize revenue from Pay Per Call listings (2) helps advertisers fine-tune their Pay Per Call campaigns to produce better quality leads. It provides advertisers with continuous updates on ad performance and suggestions on how to modify their ads to improve call-through rates.

In 2006 we should see Yahoo! and Google (as well as a host of new verticals) adopt PPCall officially. The Kelsey Group has forecasted that PPCall could be a US$1.4 billion market (or more) by 2009.

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