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PPCall provider Ingenio is adding both InfoSpace and, in a more limited deal, 1-800-FREE411 to its distribution network. This means that in addition to those two, the Ingenio network now includes Miva, AOL, AOL Mobile and Interchange's (with Yahoo! testing). InfoSpace is also working with Jambo.

The folks at Ingenio have indicated that some of their advertisers are eager for more traffic, and this additional distribution should help satisfy that demand. At The Kelsey Group's Directory Driven Commerce conference earlier this summer, Ingenio CMO Marc Barach told the audience that the majority of Ingenio advertisers are SMEs.

PPCall faces some of the same challenges that PPClick advertising does in penetrating the local market, except that it's conceptually easier to "get" and service businesses are eager to receive calls vs. clicks. However, the product is rolling out in an accelerated way.

The Kelsey Group has estimated that, depending on market and sales channel penetration, PPCall could reach $1.4 billion or more by 2009.

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