TrueLocal Making Its Move

TrueLocal is starting to make its move. After many months of "beta"/under-the-radar status, the site is now getting attention and coverage. Today, Search Engine Watch has a nice write-up (plus one of mapping site Metrobot).

Recently, TrueLocal acquired the data services business of its parent, Geosign. The business licenses data to many of the large search players. Geosign remains the majority shareholder in TrueLocal and is remarkably successful, which gives TrueLocal the capacity to take the long view.

In addition, TrueLocal has launched an ad product called TrueTarget, which offers simplified bidding for SMEs and limits inventory to businesses with a physical presence. No competing with local florists, for example.

TrueLocal President Jake Baillie has a long history in search/SEO and with Geosign's backing has the luxury of being able to take a long-term, "organic" approach to building consumer and SME awareness.






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