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Here's another interesting real estate site/mashup, iGenHome — sort of a marriage between and Trulia. SiliconBeat has a lot more info.

Late last week, AOL brough it's mobile search out of beta. Supported by technology from Israeli company Infogin, which automatically renders traditional Web pages for small mobile phone screens, the service includes shopping and local (and Mapquest), among other services. It's ad-supported (including PPCall distribution).

Sensis launched "click to call" last week in partnership with eStara. The release indicates that the functionality will be used to provide call connection and call tracking. There's a distinction between "click to call" and "pay per call." There's some confusion in the marketplace about the difference. The release mentions PPCall but doesn't say that Sensis is rolling that functionality in the initial release.

LocalLaunch issued a release announcing its RegisterLocal site and "master business profile." We wrote about the product and its implications in the November 3 edition of the Local Media Journal. Here's an excerpt:

RegisterLocal captures a set of local business data in a €œmaster business profile," which is fairly extensive and can be distributed in whole or in part anywhere online. It could become the landing page of a pay-per-click or cost-per-call campaign, it could be the basis of a profile page in a directory site, or it could help populate a newspaper directory of local businesses. It could feed a local merchant database €" or entirely replace one. There€™s also a self-registration component and, for those businesses willing to do so, it becomes a direct channel too €" search engines like that aspect of the product.

RegisterLocal is a platform for delivering content to a range of distribution points online. Right now those include both search engines and directory sites. Eventually, newspapers and vertical sites could become part of a broader local network with multiple entry points.

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